Marble Cake

Giant Brownie

Chinese New Year - 2019

Less sweet now! A healthier alternative with natural sweetness of dates and wolfberries. Moist and soft, a gem and a great gift for the holidays!
(** LOW GI version @$36 using coconut sugar, wholewheat, flaxseed meal and ground almond)  

Super duper healthy... Buttermilk cake with cranberries, pecans, quinoa grain and bananas, topped with multi-grain to boost a crunchy chewy goodness. A favourite with many young and old! 
(** LOW GI version @$32 using coconut sugar, wholewheat, flaxseed meal and oatmeal)

++ Kids-friendly cake with no alcohol/liquor.
** LOW GI (Suitable for the health conscious and diabetic-friendly)

Giant Brownie - $18
Giant Cheese Brownie -  $22

Almond Flan -  Banana/Peach/Pear/Pineapple @$22 (whole)

Almond Flan -  Raspberry / Cherry @$30 (whole)

BUTTER CAKES (round 20cm, 850g)
Marble / Plain  Butter Cake @$16
Walnut Butter Cake @$18

Cranberrry Butter Cake @$18
Orange Peel Cake @$18
Mixed fruit / Coffee Walnut Cake@$20
Lemon Butter Cake @$
Pistachio Butter Cake  @$24
Triple-berry Butter Cake @$24
(**LOW GI) Whole-wheat Fruit Cake @$28 - 6" / $40 - 8"

Giant Brownie  @$18
Giant Cheese Brownie @$22
**LOW GI Brownie (Diabetic-friendly) @$ 25
**LOW GI (Diabetic-friendly) Zucchinni Carrot Walnut  Cake @$30


Lavender Shortbread @$11
Cornflake cookies @$11
Kueh Bangkit @$11
Oatmeal Elderflower Shortbread  @$12
Oatmeal raisin cookies @$12
Prawn Roll @$12
Peanut Puff @$12
Cranberry Rounds @$12
Raspberry Almond Macaroons @$12
Chocolate Almond Macaroons @$12
Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies @$13
Cinnamon Raisin Cookies @$13
Chocolate Almond Cookies @$15
Loveletter @$15
Sesame loveletter @$15

Macadamia nut cookies @$15.80
Pistachio Squares @$15.80

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cancellation or uncollected orders. 
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