Christmas Log Cake

Rum-Soaked Fruit Cake

* X'mas decor of cakes may vary!



Spice Zucchini Cake - Lemongrass Cheese Frosting
Spiced Zucchini

Carrot Cake - Zesty Cheese Frosting
Carrot Cake

Xmas Red Velvet

Merry Christmas  - 2014 

Rum-Soaked Fruit Cake    $48.00
Chocolate cake with dried fruit and nuts, soaked and matured with Myers's Rum.

Rich Xmas Fruit Cake    $40 for 9" or $32 for 6"
Zesty buttery fruit cake with dried fruit splendor: apricots, cranberries, raisins and cherries

Christmas Log Cake - $45/kg or $28 for 500g
Valrhona chocolate mousse log cake with blueberries and Cointreau

Chestnut Rum Log Cake    $48/kg or $32 for 500g
Chocolate roulade with french chestnut paste mousse and chunky home cooked caramel chestnuts

Christmas Durian Log Cake - $48/kg or $32 for 500g
Durian mousse log from durian lovers!

White Chocolate Log Cake  -  $45/kg or $28 for 500g
White Valrhona Chocolate mousse cake speckled with dark toblerone chocolate

Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse  -  $38
Rum mousse with juicy rum-soaked raisins with Valrhona chocolate mousse

Brandied Cherry Chocolate Fudge - $38
Valrhona chocolate fudge cake with brandy-soaked cherries layered with chocolate sponge flavoured with brandy. (850g)

Orange flavoured Chocolat Fudge - $38
Valrhona chocolate fudge cake infused with fragrant orange, layered with chocolate sponge, cranberries and marshmellows. (850g)

Charlotte's Web - Belgium Chocolate Fudge - $36
Gourmet belgium chocolate fudge cake, extravagantly coated with dark ganache and ivory couverture web. (850g)

NEW ADDITIONS (Our "heavy-weight" Specialty Cakes*):
* All cakes vailable by slices on Saturday at Shunfu Outlet.

Caramel Apple Crumble Cake
Buttermilk cake with caramel-cooked apples topped with cinnamon crumble.

Spiced Zucchini Cake with Lemon-grass Cheese Frosting - $40
Zucchini cake raisins and pineapple chunks, generous spread of lemongrass cheese frosting. Unimaginable pairing of flavours

Nutty Praline Rainbow - $40
Brighten your holidays! Free expression of colours with rich chocolate and praline custard.

"Blackout" - $40
A treat! Made with valrhona chocolate, rich chocolaty cake with smooth white chocolate frosting.

Minty "Blackout" - $45
A minty treat! Rich chocolate wjth white valrhona frosting and minty frosting

Xmas Red Velvet - $45
Baked with white chocolate chips with cranberry-vanilla cheese frosting

Xmas Carrot Cake - $36
Baked with wholesome carrot goodness, nuts and raisins, with orange lemony cheese frosting

Giant Chicken Pie  - $32

Giant Brownie - $18
Giant Cheese Brownie -  $22

Almond Flan -  Banana/Peach/Pear/Pineapple @$22 (whole)

Specialty Cakes @$30
Chocolate Paradise
Peppermint Chocolate 
Cheesecakes (Raspberry, Blueberry, Oreo, Marble, Double-chocolate)

Specialty Tarts
Creme Brulee  @$3.50
Lemon Meringue  
Dark Chocolate Tart  @$4.00
Pecan Walnut Tart

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cancellation or uncollected orders. 
Please place orders at respective outlets that you will be collecting from.